Major sections

The Bell 212 is a twin turbine, two bladed single main rotor, medium lift helicopter designed to carry up to 15 persons, including the pilot(s).

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Two-bladed main rotor

The main rotor assembly is a two bladed, semi-rigid type. The rotor assembly has feathering axis. Design of rotor allows flapping (seesaw) and pitch change of individual blades.

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Four-bladed main rotor

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Flight controls

The flight control units located in the flight deck of all helicopters are very nearly the same. All helicopters have either one or two of each of the following:
- collective pitch control ,
- throttle grip, cyclic pit ;h control ;
- directional control pedals.
Basically, these units do the same things, regardless of the type of helicopter on which they are installed; however, the operation of the control system varies greatly by helicopter model.

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